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Software Application Training

Lemington Consulting has extensive experience in Microsoft® Office applications dating to the late 1980s. With hands-on experience in using Office applications to solve real-world problems, Lemington Consulting's approach to software training goes beyond the mechanics to a particular software application to teaching people how to apply the software to solve common business problems. This applied approach to software training is what sets Lemington Consulting apart.

In addition, we can develop and implement training for existing in-house applications, or custom applications we develop, using the same applied approach.

Lemington Consulting implements leading-edge software training services including the following:
  • Microsoft® Office Application Training
  • Custom/Third-Party Software Application Training

Our software training solutions can include the following technologies:

Please contact us for more information about our software training solutions, or to find out more about how Lemington Consulting can help you reach your training objectives.
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